One Small Detail About Nappies Parents Get Wrong

One Small Detail About Nappies Parents Get Wrong

Most parents who go to a store to buy some nappies for their baby, they see the ‘+’ sign on the packaging and think it is referring to the size of the nappies. However, it doesn’t…

The addition sign on the packaging actually means that the product is a more absorbent than the original version of the product.

Supermarket chains Sainsbury’s and Asda have both clarified what the addition sign actually means.

Asda stated: “If you’ve seen two nappies with the same number, but one has a plus symbol (+) next to it, then it simply means that this nappy has added absorbency.

“This makes it ideal for night-time use, for babies who drink a lot or for babies that have larger bladders. The nappies are still the same size as each other.”

Sainsbury’s have also given a similar description on their website.

Even though, the detail has been clarified on two different websites, it has not been clarified on the packing itself. This means that, unless you have actively looked for the reason the addition sign is there, people are unlikely to know what it means.

A mother from Manchester, Nicci, put a post on Facebook about the real meaning of the detail, saying ‘Who knew this?’. She had multi comments on the post from other Mums who also didn’t know the real meaning, and thought it was referring to the size.

Pampers received a complaint about how their baby’s nappy started to leak. This is what they had to say:

“I know leaks can be a nightmare, but usually by either changing to a different style, or to a nappy which offers a little added absorbency this can be prevented.

“We have learnt over the years that all little one’s, just like us adults, have their own unique shapes, so you may find one style of nappy to be better suited to your little one compared to another.

“Little one’s can also outgrow the absorbency before the size, so we do offer ‘+’ sizes too, which will offer a little added absorbency.”

So, did you know that the addition sign meant that the nappies were more absorbent, or did you think it was referring to the size as well?

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