Could you be one of thousands owed a water rebate?

Could you be one of thousands owed a water rebate?

Did you know that you and thousands of others could actually be owed a water rebate? Here’s how.

Basically, if you have ever found yourself paying ‘surface water drainage’ charges then you could be entitled to your money back. Most people don’t even think twice about paying these charges as requested because we trust water companies know what they’re doing.

Basically, every time it rains, water runs from a property into a public drain. It is then processed and turned into drinking water. That’s when we’re charged for it.

However, water companies don’t always realise that water actually isn’t running from your home into the drains. If it isn’t and you’ve still paid the charge, you should be entitled to your money back.

How does this system work? 

Water regulator Ofwat explained to The Mirror: ‘If rainwater drains from your property into a public sewer, you will be charged for surface water drainage through your sewerage bill. This includes water that flows through gutters or that runs into the road and ends up in a company-owned sewer.’

‘The companies collect around £1 biliion each year to cover the costs of this service.’

It is likely that you aren’t even aware of the payments you are making because they are not made obviously clear. For example you could be paying a fee in the standing charge or through a charge related to the type of property you are living in.

How do you go about getting your rebate? 

Firstly, you will need to find out which company you have been paying and you can find this information here. Then if you have  strong suspicion that no water is flowing from where you live to a public drain then you can contact the company in regards to getting your money back.

Explain to the company how you’ve come to the conclusion you shouldn’t be paying the charge and they will take it upon themselves to investigate further.

If they find that you have been paying the charge unnecessarily, you won’t find the charge on any future bills meaning your outgoings will be reduced. That’s never a bad thing! Then you should be rebated for previous charges too.

The Mirror reports that you can get up to 6 years worth of rebates which will be around £240. Definitley worth enquiring about.

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