Oreo Have Released A New Snack & Here’s Where To Buy The Delicious Treat…

If you’re a huge Oreo addict and have tried pretty much every product on the market, you’ll definitely be excited by the brands latest release.

The new Oreo treat named Joy Fills are alternatively thought to feature a crispier, wafer style outer shell and are filled with the creamy Oreo filling that we know and love.

Instagram account NewFoodUK described the new treat as being similar in style to Kellogg’s Krave cereal but with the brands own beloved flavours.

We’re predicting they’re gonna taste just as moreish as the cookies do, and what’s even better is that you can buy whole share bags of them in supermarkets including the Co-op right now!

They only cost £1.50 per 90g pack too!

We’re sure the new Joy Fills are gonna be super popular, and if you want to give them a whirl, you’d best get down to your local Co-op!

Images: Newfoodsuk on Instagram / oreo


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