April Fools 2019: Top Pranks Of This Year

In an era where we wake up to eggs going viral and throwing cheese on our children, you’d think April Fools would be way past its sell-by date. Wrong.

Here are our favourite April Fools pranks of this year, approach with caution though, some are VERY cheesy

Watch here – Google Tulip Video

This techy, promotional video gives a detailed insight into how people can now talk to their tulips. Safe to say some of us in the office actually fell for it.

Watch here – McDonalds Milkshake Sauce Pots

In a nation that is divided on dipping chips into milkshakes, this April Fools video took social media by storm as the world went crazy, either raving about the apparent new release or angry at how disgusting the combination tastes.

Read here – British Transport Police Twitter

We’ve all had to withstand the smell of people’s food on a bus or train before and 9 times out of 10, it STINKS. Many of us were actually over the moon with this idea, but alas, British Transport Police were quick to reassure the public that it was just a joke (sigh…).

Watch here – Honda The Polite Horn

Do you know of any rude drivers that simply struggle to be patient with other sensible road drivers? This polite horn would’ve been a great idea (IF it was real of course).

And finally… the infamous fusion of bad combinations of foodstuff 

Heinz Creme Egg Mayo

A spokesperson for Heinz has said that this product is “unlike anything you’ve ever tasted”. Here at Ashleigh we literally don’t know how to react over this one. One thing is for sure though, mayo and creme eggs DO NOT belong together because ew.

Colmans Mustard Custard

We’re not sure what to say about this April Fools prank as it’s simply a combination of confusion. We wouldn’t try this one as we love our savoury food with savoury condiments.

Let us know which April Fools pranks you loved! Here at Ashleigh, we’re still holding our stomachs from laughing at some of these absurd pranks so we’re looking forward to your faves!


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