Outdoor Living Week: Dress For Less | AD

If you’re looking to embrace the hiking life to see nature in all its beauty, check out our top products!

From windbreakers to high quality walking boots, we’ve put together some of the few products you’ll need (and they’re all under £40!)

Brighten up your hike with some three-quarter leggings!

Performance Print Capri – £20.00

Look classy and casual on your next walk around the block.

Navy Leggings – £25.00

Zip up in style with this lovely New Rebels backpack.

Nylon Backpack – £29.00

Lightweight and convenient for your hike up that huge hill!

Under Armour Sackpack – £30.00

These boots are super perfect and so comfy for going out and about.

Slip On Ankle Boots – £25.00


This gorgeous puffer jacket is great for the cold weather.

Orange Puffer Jacket – £24.99

Make climbing mountains easy with these waterproof boots.

Suede Waterproof Boots – £37.50

Say bye to the wind with this trendy windbreaker.

Blue/Yellow/White Windbreaker – £31.99

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