Reports have sent travellers into a panic

Reports have sent travellers into a panic

If you are planning on travelling to Greece this summer then you might want to take not of this report!

If you have a holiday booked to Greece already, then tourists are being urged to take enough money to cover themselves in emergencies as there is a danger of cash machines around the country being turned off. 

Concerns have also been raised for Greek citizens following predictions that the country’s economic meltdown could lead to a food shortage and problems with medical supplies.

Of course we don’t know anything for certain yet, however if the food and medical shortage is a true prediction, this could easily lead to riots across Greece.

Therefore, tour operators are warning tourists flying out this week to take plenty of cash and other methods of payment in order to keep them covered for all eventualities.

Closer online has reported: ‘Staff in some resorts will hand out euros if the banks shut and put a charge on their customers’ debit or credit cards.They are now working alongside Whitehall officials to prepare for a mass evacuation of 110,000 tourists if Greece does crash out of the euro.’

This has understandably left travellers feeling panicked, however, Sky News have just responded to these claims with this report: ‘An ABTA spokesman said: “We do not anticipate that there will be any need for tour operators to rebook their customers to a different destination.” The body was also unaware of any plans to evacuate holidaymakers from Greece.

CLICK HERE to read an important flight announcement for travellers! 

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