Why parents hate Peppa Pig

Why parents hate Peppa Pig

I have just seen this on Netmums, what are your thoughts?

What do parents have against Peppa Pig? She is simply a cartoon pig that loves to jump in muddy puddles, right? Well not everyone agrees…

Some parents have now gone as far as banning their children from watching Peppa Pig.

Parents are saying that their children copy Peppa Pigs annoying behaviour – behaving like a spoilt brat, burping and blowing raspberries all the time and saying ‘I don’t want to play with you anymore’ to their friends (which is what Peppa says frequently in the programme)

Daddy pig is bullied in the programme – he is always getting called ‘silly daddy’ or having his ’round tummy’ mentioned – mammy pig bosses him around a lot too.

What some parents are saying…

  • ”Daddy pig has an important job whilst mummy pig makes the tea”
  • ”Peppa is undisciplined and is allowed to get away with her bratty behaviour”
  • ”Peppa Pig is banned in our house”
  • ”This programme is disgusting and I can’t believe it is so popular”

Are parents over-reacting or do you believe Peppa Pig is setting a bad example to our children?

I have asked my children what alternatives they would recommend to Peppa Pig and they said; Paw Patrol, Dora, Sofia the first, Doc Mcstuffins, Micky Mouse Clubhouse and Henry Huggle monster

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