Parents being warned about sleeping bag safety hazard.

Parents being warned about sleeping bag safety hazard.

Have you got a Star Wars or Frozen fan at home? If so have you bought either of these sleeping bags?

They are being recalled to a strangulation hazard. Customers are being instructed by Costco to return the item for a full refund, or alternatively remove the straps.

The sets are also available on Amazon and other retailers so it is definitely worth double checking your product. The straps can be used to keep the sleeping bags wrapped up but have been identified as a serious choking hazard. 

star wars

Costco’s food safety and quality assurance director Pauleen Stallard explained in a notice sent to customers: “Although the item has passed all the product safety testing, it appears that upon closer inspection, the straps are long enough to possibly cause a strangulation hazard.

“We recommend that members remove these straps.”

“If you are not satisfied with the item please feel free to return it for a full refund.”


Please feel free to pass this information on if you think anybody you know may have purchased this product.

If you decide to opt for the full refund then no receipt will be required.




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