How To: Park For Cheap and Earn Cash By Renting Your Parking Space

Finding somewhere to park your car can be such a pain, especially if you live in a busy area! Or maybe you have a spare parking space, drive or garage that you don’t use and would love to make some extra cash by renting it out. YourParkingSpace have the solution to your car parking woes! Whether you want to rent your space, or find somewhere to park for cheap, the YourParkingSpace app is here to help. Plus, we’ve got you a 10% OFF discount code to use next time you park!

I’ve got a space to rent – how do I do it?

Renting your spare driveway, parking space or garage is a fantastic way to make money. With YourParkingSpace you can advertise your space and earn anything from £40 to a whopping £450 per month – imagine what you could do with that amount of extra cash!

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I want to use YourParkingSpace to find somewhere to park my car – how do I do it?

How frustrating is it when you live in a big city/busy area and can never find anywhere to park? Even if you live in the suburbs but drive to work and have to factor in precious time to find a parking space every morning, wouldn’t it be so much more convenient if you knew that every day there was a place where you could guarantee you could park your car, and not even pay that much for the privilege? That’s what YourParkingSpace are here for!

Use the app to find a space to park, book your choice and park – it really is that easy. Remember to use the code ASHLEIGH10 to get 10% off your park!

The handy in-app map gives you directions to your parking spot of choice, and YourParkingSpace have over 250,000 spaces available nationwide!

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Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.57.29

So next time you’re driving around looking for a space, or trying to think of a way to make some extra cash, think of YourParkingSpace!

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