Going On Holiday? You MUST Check Your Passport For This Detail…

If you’re off on holiday soon, make sure you check this detail about your passport. If you don’t, it might ruin your trip…

You must check your passport has at least six months left until it expires before you go on holiday.

If your passport has less than six months left before the expiry date, various countries won’t allow you through customs.

Different rules apply to different countries, but as a general rule of thumb if you’re travelling to a European country, you’ll be fine to travel with six months or less left on your passport.

However, if you’re travelling outside of the EU, some countries will only allow you in with at least six months remaining on your passport. This applies to children too.

If you risk venturing to a non-EU country with less than six months left on your passport, there’s a chance you won’t be allowed in at the immigration desk.

Don’t know the rules about passports at your planned holiday destination? Check the Gov website here to find out how many months you need remaining on your passport.

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