Pensioner puts boy in headlock on train

Pensioner puts boy in headlock on train

The video has been widely circulated on social media

The incident happened on a train to Manchester when two young boys 8 – 11 got on the train at Blackburn unaccompanied.

The children were sitting with their feet on the seats and the pensioner went and asked the boys if they would take their feet off the seats.

The boys refused to take their feet off the seats and were being ‘quite cocky’ according to a passenger also traveling on the train.

The passenger said ”“He threatened them with a ‘clip around the ear’ and then went and sat back down. The children then put their feet back up and wouldn’t take them down. The guy then went over again and tried to take their feet down.”

The pensioner went over to the two boys and put one of the boys into a headlock.

Northern Rail and The British Transport police are both investigating the incident.

Do you think the pensioner went too far or is it another case of our youth being down right disrespectful?


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  1. The pensioner asked on several occasions but got abuse from the kids who think that they can say anything but if you try to talk big be prepared to get what is coming within reason where was the ticket attendant he should have been the one to repremand them by putting them of the bus and if their parents want to to complain show them the cc. TV recording and fine them for having such irisponsable kids.

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