People in favour of shopping online rather than braving shops!
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People in favour of shopping online rather than braving shops!

I don’t know if any of you have seen the news this morning, but it seems as though there really wasn’t any need for all those extra security guards the retailers had splashed out on.

All the images I’ve seen have been of empty shopping presincts. Some images show a couple of people queueing up in an orderly fashion outside of stores waiting for them to open, but no more than 10. A far cry from last years images of pushing, shoving and brawling in a bid to get the best deals.

It seems to me that either last year’s violence has put people off, or everyone is simply choosing to do their shopping online instead.

Police had previously warned shops to ensure they have carefully thought-out security plans in place for the sales following chaos at a number of stores across the UK last year. Police Scotland said: ‘By all means grab a bargain, just don’t grab each other.’

Reports are suggesting that digital traffic could be up more than 60% than last year!

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