Phishing Scammers Attack iPhone Users
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Phishing Scammers Attack iPhone Users

iPhone users are the latest targets for phishing scammers. The scam is the targets are contacted via a text message. A personalised message is sent saying their iCloud ID has been deactivated and they will need to confirm their details to reactivate it by following the link provided in the message.

Celebrities are among the targets. The celebrities include comedian Jack Dee and cricket player Matt Prior. Both went to twitter to advertise the scam.

When Jack Dee tweet about the scam he didn’t believe the message and he joked, by saying ‘Here are my bank details…’.

However, Matt Prior sent out a tweet asking if the message was genuinely from Apple. He may have been inclined to believe the message he received. The message look believable, stating his name and sending it to his personal phone.

However, Apple responded quite quickly saying that the message was not from them.

Make sure you don’t click on any links in text messages if you receive a similar message.

Spread the word to make others aware 🙂

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