Pimm’s Released A New Flavour & It’s Sure To Become Another Summer Classic

Everyone knows that once the jugs of Pimm’s are brought out, it is officially summer time.

We’re all used to enjoying a classic No.1 bottle of Pimm’s when the sun shines, but the brand has just revealed that it has just released a new flavour, and it’s sure to be popular with vodka lovers.

The original drink uses gin as a base alcohol but the new version No. 6 contains vodka instead.

The vodka version isn’t entirely new as it was actually first released back in the 1960s but was discontinued some time after.

Due to popular demand, the drink is back for 2018, and we think it may become another summer staple.

The inclusion of vodka is thought to make the Pimm’s drink taste drier and crisper than the original, but is still super refreshing.

As with the original, the brand suggests the drink be served with lemonade, though cocktail expert Michael Stringer told Cosmopolitan that the drink is also marvellous with ginger ale and a dash of bitter, and maybe a dash of prosecco too!

Someone say prosecco? That’s a mix we’re all over!

We’re huge lovers of the original Pimm’s but we must admit, we can’t wait to try the new flavour!

Image: Pimm’s
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