PIZZA LOVERS! This £5 Iceland Deal Is Not To Be Missed

Fancy a pizza feast? Well, this Iceland offer is perfect!

Iceland are seriously catering to the pizza lovers at the moment. From June 11th ’til July 1st, customers can get 3 Ristorante pizzas, 2 garlic bread baguettes, and 1.5 litres of Pepsi for just £5.00!

If you bought all the products separately, it would cost you almost £10.00 – so this deal is certainly worth your while!

Whether you’re having a movie night with family, or fancy hosting a pizza party with your pals, this offer is excellent value for money.

Imagine you ordered this amount of food from a pizza takeaway, it would cost you nearly £30.00! This Iceland deal is a great way to indulge for less.

All the pizzas included in the offer are by the brand Ristorante. You can choose between Ristorante Mozzarella, Pollo, or Salami.

Remember, this offer is only around until July 1st, so stock up while you’ve still got time!

Shop now.

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