Poisonous Magnetic Putty Toy Withdrawn From Sale

Is your child just obsessed with collecting pots of slime toys? If they have recently got this Magnetic Putty toy, you will want to take it off them asap.

There has been a huge craze over the past few months for trending slime toys, with kids collecting and making lots of different types, and the weirder the better!

However it has been reported that Trading Standards have rendered a magnetic putty toy dangerous, as it has been found that it contains seven times the legal limit of poisonous arsenic.

The toy which contains the putty, along with a cube magnet, could seriously harm your child if eaten by accident as arsenic is can be a killer.

Amazon/ The Sun

The pot of putty was reportedly also found to contain twice the amount of lead, and was 29 times over the allowed magnetic force.

There is not known to be a manufacturer, or CE kite mark deeming it safe labelled on the tub, but it has been known to have been sold at a Northamptonshire market stall, which has now been stopped by Trading Standards.

Amazon/ The Sun

Because there are no details on the toy, it does make it harder for the Standards Agency to track the products and remove them from shelves.

It is worth noting that not all magnetic putty toys are affected though, just this particular product.

If your do see this particular putty sold online or elsewhere, it’s advised you do not buy it, and if your child owns it already you will want to stop them playing with it immediately.



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