Police have issued a Black Friday warning to retailers.

Police have issued a Black Friday warning to retailers.

Will you be braving the high street stores this Black Friday? If so then you may be happy to hear that police are being extra strict with retailers this year meaning that they will not be allowed to open until they have sufficient security arrangements put in place.

You may have seen the shocking images in the news from last year’s Black Friday event, where scuffles and fights were breaking out amongst shoppers resulting in the police being called.

Ms Fish, who speaks on business and retail crime for the organisation, told BBC News, “The police will intervene if necessary to protect public order and safety, but we should be the service of last resort, not a substitute for carefully considered in-store security plans.” 

Asda has already announced that they will not be taking part in Black Friday this year.

Lots of you have told me that you’d much rather retailers held lots of smaller sales over the Christmas period, rather than one mad day of sales, so maybe more retailers will listen.

CLICK HERE to find out why Asda will no longer be taking part in Black Friday.

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