Police warning! You should NEVER sleep with your phone!

Police and fire warning! You should NEVER sleep with your phone!

How many of you are guilty of sleeping with your phones on the bed? I know I am, especially if I’ve been scrolling through social media late at night but this has definitely put me off.

The police are now warning that falling asleep with your phone in your hand, on your bed or under your pillow can be extremely dangerous and they have released images to prove it.

One police officer tweeted a series of pictures this week highlighting the dangers to raise awareness. In these pictures you can see that smartphones have caused bedding to char and burn as the phones have burnt up.

burnIt is strongly advised that we keep our phones on hard surfaces whilst charging during the night so that the heat can dissipate ….. especially while they’re charging.

What we may not all realise is that the batteries in our phones can heat up causing them to melt, explode and in some cases cause a fire.

If you know somebody who religiously sleeps with their phone under their pillow then definitely pass this warning on. Your phone needs room to breathe whilst It’s charging.

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