Poor women substituting tampons with socks and old newspaper

Poor women substituting tampons with socks and old newspaper

Unfortunately this is true it has been revealed today

Christian organisation, Darlington Citadel in County Durham, have started a hashtag in order to raise awareness on the issue, #beggingforatampon

The Salvation Army branch is encouraging people to appeal to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to reconsider the price of sanitary products.

Darlington Citadel said in a Facebook post ”Women aged 30-50yrs who are queuing for a bag of food worth no more than £2.50 have had to resort to using an old sock, handkerchiefs and newspapers during their periods. This has led to infections, courses of antibiotics and hospital treatments. Placing sanitary products on free prescription or a voucher scheme similar to the Healthy Start for Milk, Fruit and Formula Milk would allow women access to shame-free periods.”

Poor women substituting tampons with socks and old newspaper

There are people getting behind the hashtag campaign on twitter. Opinions seem to be mixed with some people saying it is a great idea whilst others are saying own brand tampons are cheap enough to buy – where do you stand?

Boots often have offers on their hygiene products 

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  1. I don’t think they should be free own brand products can be cheep enough and to be fair places like wilko have deals on there own brand products they have the very cheep ones that to be honest are a bit bulky but it’s better than a sock or newspaper that come in at about 50p where the thinner better quality own brand ones are 80p and sometimes they do 3 for £2 and the tampons own brand are £1.30 and tbh they are better than the tampax tampons …. Asda also has an own brand range that are cheep as well x

  2. This is at the Citadel in Darlington and a lady on our estate collected loads of sanitary products. A group that I am in,donated enough to buy 100 packs of tampons from Wilkos. We still drop some off when we have a few bags full. Doesn’t cost much a few pjs at a time but means a lot to the recipient x

  3. It doesn’t matter how cheap own brands are , if someone hasn’t got the money then they can’t get them. Sanitary products are a necessity and all women requiring them should have access rather than having to resort to anything at hand. You can get free condoms, pills, morning after pill etc at a family planning clinic and i believe that basic sanitary protection should be available

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