Possible EasyJet Strike Could Affect Summer Flights!

Possible EasyJet Strike Could Affect Summer Flights!

You may of heard about EasyJet’s plan to go on strike at some point over the coming months. Although nothing has been confirmed yet and no date has been set, understandably customers with holidays booked are becoming concerned.

It has been reported that cabin crew are planning on walking out over their pay as a result of months of negotiations breaking down between unions and the airline.

A spokesperson for the airline has said: ‘EasyJet is disappointed that in a recent Unite pay ballot members voted to reject the offer however we note that the majority of… cabin crew are not members of Unite and we estimate only one in five of EasyJet’s UK cabin crew voted against the offer.’


The spokesperson continued: ‘All our members are asking for is a decent pay rise that reflects the important role they have played in making easyJet a leading airline.’

The airline is due to vote this week on whether or not they wish to go ahead with the strike with the view of recieving a 2% pay rise for cabin crew and 2.5% for managers. 

Obviously if the strike does go ahead, it could cause chaos for many British families planning on going on holiday.

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