Poundland Is Starting To Sell Frozen And Chilled Food!

Your Poundland shopping just got even better!

Poundland has announced that they’re expanding their product range, and will be starting to sell frozen and chilled food in-stores. Amazing news for fans of the purse friendly store!

Value shop Poundland has successfully trialled selling chilled and frozen food, and have decided to roll out this offering to 60 stores across the UK soon.

One in 10 Poundland stores will be lucky enough to benefit from this new product offering. This means a lot more shoppers will be able to get their hands on some yummy snacks for less! The first stores to receive these exciting changes will be in Gateshead, Hartlepool, Sunderland, and Nottingham.

These new expansions with fridges and freezers are called ‘shop-in-shops’. The discount store will be opening 20 ‘shop-in-shops’ by the end of March, and 40 by the end of June. Poundland have also announced that they’re going to start selling fewer items specifically costing £1, and are introducing a wider range of products which will be available for £2 and £5. If this means we’ll be getting more bargain buys, that’s excellent news!

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