PPI, are you due a second bite of the cherry?

PPI, are you due a second bite of the cherry?

With the threats of a PPI payout deadline becoming more and more likely, there has never been a better time to start the process of reclaiming yours!
So far more than £20 billion has been paid out for PPI mis-selling to more than 10 million customers, but there are still so many of you who either aren’t aware you’ve had PPI, or are still due more payouts!

Yes, that’s right, just because you’ve already had a payout, you could still be owed more!

Phillip Worton knows only too well how much a successful PPI claim can change your life.

‘I was over the moon when I found out my first PPI claim had been successful. I just wish I had enquired about it sooner. I think what initially put me off about beinning the reclaiming process the thought of having to go through a lengthy process filling out complicated forms, and being passes from pillar to post. But that wasn’t the case at all.’

Although lots of PPI companies who hassle you will try and claim a large admin fee, there’s absolutely no need to pay extortionate amounts just to find out if you are owed compensation. Start off by filling out this form, and our friends at Beyond Comparison will do the rest! Simple.

Mr Worton says: ‘The process was so simple and not once did I have to chase anything up, Beyond Comparrison kept me informed with what was going on every step of the way, I really didn’t have to do anything! For that reason I really would encourage anybody who’s taken a loan out in the past to do the same. It really could be a life – changing decision.’

Second bite of the cherry

If like Phillip you have already been through the reclaiming process a year ago or longer, and have been successful, then don’t stop there!! If you reclaimed over 12 months ago then it is likely you were underpaid as the calculations the banks were using have since been proved incorrect. PPI companies in the early days were only checking the account in question, whereas if you were to reclaim again, your entire previous line of credit would be taken into consideration, which could mean many more payouts!

‘Although I was more than happy when I received my first payout, I’d heard that I was eligiable to check again after 12 months, and found I was mis sold from another loan I had previously taken out. I’ve now received over £10,000 in compensation from my two reclaims and I can’t describe how much of a success this whole process has been!’

Phillip Worton is just one of many of our success stories!

CLICK HERE to begin your reclaiming journey.

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