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In the months leading up to the wedding there will be plenty to do.

From planning seating plans, booking caterers, sorting out the groomsmen, you’ll be really busy. If it was your dream to shed a few pounds before the big day- or just adjust your diet for general health and wellbeing- but you’ve found yourself without time to cook, have no fear. We’ve scoured the internet looking for the best of the best when it comes to pre-wedding diet help. Here’s what we found.


Exante are a company which offer a variety of meal and diet plans which can be very effective in managing weight loss. The company featured on ITV’s The Fast Fix so if you’re thinking that’s a familiar name, that’ll be why!

Exante offer 5 different diet plans of varying intensity, from the Total Solution VLCD (or Very Low Carb Diet- took me ages to figure that out!) to the more gentle 5:2 diet, which has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

For me, the meal replacement range is the simplest way to keep on top of my weight, and the Flexi Solution diet is easy enough to stick to without feeling like I’m starving to death.

Now I just have to be careful of tiny mistakes like eating a full pizza on a Saturday night and I’ll be right as rain!


To keep your stress levels low and your skin glow up high, definitely check out My Vitamins.

If the chewable Vitamin C tablets become a part of your morning habit, they’ll leave you feeling revitalised and full of vim and vigour.

Or at least you’ll feel a bit better- they’re pretty good for helping hangovers too. If you’re like me and stress can effect your tum, the aloe vera tablets are a great and natural way to regulate your stomach’s helpful digestive juices.

Take A Break

I’m not about to start recommending KitKats in this section of the article- although after all that diet talk I think I’ve earned one. If your wedding is stressing you out, it is important to take a break.

Nothing is worse for your health than stress, and it can show on your face, contribute to weight gain, and make you feel tired, run down and emotional.

I do wish I could just jet off to Croatia for a week every time I get stressed- countdown to the honeymoon- it’s just not budget friendly at all. What I can stretch to is a cheeky long weekend away with my partner in a spa, thanks to buy a gift.  Whilst this site was originally suggested to me when I was looking for hen do ideas for the experience days, the spa discounts are where it’s really at.

The most selected package is the 2 for 1 Spa Day with Afternoon tea.

Will you be taking advantage of any of these superb offers in the run up to your wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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