Pregnant? Pee On An Ikea Advert To Prove It & Get A Discount!

Image: IKEA

Are you currently pregnant and are wanting to start setting up your nursery ahead of your little bundle of joy’s arrival? Well IKEA have launched a (ahem) unique way to treat expectant mothers to a discount.

IKEA have recently created a clever new advert which includes an image of a baby’s cot and reads “peeing on this ad may change your life.”

Yep you read that right!

IKEA is literally encouraging mothers to-be to wee on their advert to prove they are pregnant. If they are, a discount code of reportedly 50% Off will be revealed on the paper!

So technically, instead of forking out for an expensive test, you could just pee on the IKEA advert to reveal if you’re expecting or not, and as an added plus if you are, you’ll get a great discount on a cot for the baby to sleep in!

The advert made by Swedish agency Akestam Holst, had to make technical advancements with Mercene Labs to add a pregnancy test strip to the paper, which then changes colour revealing if you’re pregnant or not.

Unfortunately for us ladies in the UK, the add is currently only being featured in a Swedish women’s magazine named Amelia for now, so we may have to wait a bit longer before having the erm, luxury of peeing on our adverts to claim discounts.

You have to admit, the ad is a pretty innovative way to entice customers!

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