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Who Is Ashleigh Money Saver?

Ashleigh Money Saver is also known as Ashleigh Swan, a 27-year-old married mum of 3 from Walkergate, Newcastle upon Tyne. Her husband Aaron is a delivery driver for a major UK retailer and their 3 children (Katie, 5, Jamie, 9 and Simon, 13) all go to school near the family home.

What has she done?

Ashleigh trained as an Medicine Counter Assistant and then a Dispenser and began building a career with a large UK Pharmacy before she was made redundant during the recession. During this time Ashleigh started finding ways to save money, using coupons and searching out discounts. To see if she could help others she began the Ashleigh Money Saver Facebook page, where she shared the deals, tips and tricks she learned around money saving. Before she knew it nearly 30,000 people were following the page.

Where is she based?

Ashleigh was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she still lives with her family. Her offices are in Seaham, County Durham, where she now has a team of deal finders working full time to find the best bargains on offer and keep the website and the Facebook page up to date.

Why is she doing what she’s doing?

Ashleigh began sharing money saving tips and tricks as the UK was still feeling the pinch of the worst recession in living memory. The feedback she received from her fans was overwhelmingly positive and so she decided to see if she could make a living doing what she loves best – saving money. Ashleigh began working with a small management team in August 2014 and since then the Facebook fans have increased to over 300,000 and the website has begun attracting hundreds of thousands of people from across the UK every month.

When did it all start?

Ashleigh started the Facebook page in June 2013, posting when she had time to a fast-growing audience that had reached 26,000 a year later when she started working with her team and decided to turn it into a business. A year after that and she reached over 300,000 fans reading the Facebook posts that now go out every 15 minutes, 7 days a week.

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Ashleigh by Numbers…

25 – Ashleigh’s age when she was made redundant and started the Ashleigh Money Saver Facebook page

3 – the number of children Ashleigh has

64 – the number of Facebook posts that go out every day

15 – the number of minutes between money saving Facebook posts

300,000 – the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ Ashleigh Money Saver had after just 2 years

2m – the number of people Ashleigh’s Facebook posts reach every week

17 – the number of people now working full time in the Money Saver team

90 – the percentage of Ashleigh’s audience that is female and aged between 22 and 50

1.2m – the number of visits the website gets every month from around 400,000 unique visitors

100,000+ – the number of people signed up for the Ashleigh Money Saver daily newsletter

74 – Where The Telegraph listed Ashleigh in the Top 100 Great Britons of 2014 (beating Sir Bob Geldof by 2 places!)

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