Price Of British Passport Set To Rise In March

The price will increase by £12.50 from the 27th March.

Postal passport applications will rise by £12.50, and online applications will increase by just £3.00.

This is the first time ever that postal applications will cost more than applying online.

If your passport runs out before the 27th December 2018, you may want to renew it before the 27th March to save an extra bit of cash. However, hold off if you’re travelling very soon, as renewals take around 3 weeks.

Right now, an adult’s passport costs £72.50 – this will raise to £85.00 on the 27th March. If you submit your application online, it will cost £75.50

Children’s passports will also increase by £12.50 – rising from £46.00 to £58.50. It will cost £49.00 online.

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