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Welcome to my very own Price Comparison Page!

Like millions of people I always go straight to the big comparison sites when
it’s come to trying to save money on the big stuff – home insurance, phone bills,
electricity and gas and even on my mortgage – and I’ve always seemed to save money
so I’ve never thought too much about how they work – I just know they work!

Recently though the comparison sites have started to get a bit of negative press,
with Newspapers accusing them of not being totally up front about what’s in it for
them (I had no idea that some of the big sites actually own insurance companies,
and these are the ones that get promoted first on their comparison site!).

Anyway, all this started me thinking and I decided that if I can’t trust the big
comparison sites to find me the deal that’s genuinely best for me then there’s
only one thing for it – I’ll have to do it myself!

So, welcome to my very own Price Comparison page! – I’ve teamed up with the guys
at Beyond Comparison (they do the clever technical bit and the Financial Advisor expertise
to make sure the deals you get are the very best for you) so together we can provide
a completely independent price comparison tool for you guys to use to find the
best deal out there for the important big stuff in life, with no secrets! The list isn’t complete
yet – we’re working on getting Credit Cards, Car Insurance and Mobile Phone deals soon,
and if there’s anything else you would like to see please let me know!

What’s in it for me?

Every time you buy something or sign up to one of the providers we get paid a
small commission for recommending them to you. How much we get depends on the
provider and the product you buy (it’s usually between 2% and 5% of whatever you
pay up front). This is the way comparison sites work (and how they make so much
money!). This commission allows me to pay for the helpers I’ve got to manage it
and for the costs of running this site, which is great.

So what’s different?

Well, it’s simple – I started Ashleigh Money Saver to find deals for people and
to make life easier for everyone that joins in – so with that in mind we’re going
to take 10% of all of the commission the price comparison earns and we’re going
to give it straight to charity!

Every few months we’re going to ask you guys to nominate and vote on which charity
we help – then we’re going to keep in touch with them and update you so you can
see that when you save you also make a difference – everyone wins!

For the first charity I’ve gone with one that’s close to my heart – The Katie Cutler Foundation
Katie does some amazing work, and as a fellow North East Mum i’m really passionate about
helping her in her good work. Keep an eye out on Facebook and on this page so you can
nominate a charity for us to consider and for a chance to vote.
I hope that all makes sense! I think by doing it this way you can rest assured
that the deals we find you are the best out there and that we’re taking the
profits we make and putting them to good use with charities that mean something to you.


Am I Getting The Best Deal?

There has been some recent press questioning whether we are getting the best deals from the ‘Big5’* comparison sites.  In fact, The Financial Services Authority and the Utilities Ombudsman have both commenced independent investigations into the practices employed by the large comparison sites, particularly focusing on whether we are being sold specific deals because the comparison sites receive more commissions for highlighting specific deals.  The Financial Ombudsman has also highlighted that the Big5 are offering products which are not fit for purpose.

This is not the case at AshleighMoneySaver and with my partner Beyond Comparison, because we offer whole of market, FCA regulated advice, you can be sure of getting the most appropriate cover at the right price.  Ask yourself, if something appears to be cheap, wheres the catch? If you were to find a cheaper deal elsewhere…why?  Certainly in the case of insurance, its likely to be because your cover is severely limited when it comes to making a claim…and whats the point of insurance if its not going to pay-out when you need it most.

* Go Compare, Compare The Market, MoneySupermarket, uSwitch,


The New Way

I understand that in the modern world most of you want to have access to prices on the web and I understand that 1 in 3 people use comparison sites when switching financial services, telecoms and utilities.  Therefore, Beyond Comparison have brought us the ‘best of both worlds’.  If you do want to purchase your products online, they have chosen to present products which are most suited to the average consumer, if you want to add or remove specific benefits you can call their call centre and go through the product specifics in more detail.  Their telephone support is also seen as a vital resource for consumers who are arranging complex products such as mortgages, secured loans, PPI reclaims and pensions….after all, who wants to try to arrange these products without consulting a whole of market financial adviser.


Ash x



Ashleigh Money Saver in partnership with Beyond Comparison


Ashleigh Money Saver is an appointed representative of Redu Group Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA FRN 675039)
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