The Price Of A Pint Is Set To Rise

Enjoy a pint down the pub on a weekend to wind down after a long week at work? You probably won’t be pleased to hear that the price of your favourite beer brands may be set to rise!

It has been reported that the price of a pint could be due to rise by up to 4%, which is bad news if you like to treat yourself to a drink on a weekend.

The rise in price means that we could see the cost of our beer soar by 10-12p a pint, though the overall price will also depend on pubs and how much they already charge.

The price of beer from brands such as Budweiser, Stella, and Carling is set to rise from next week and throughout the year.

Some brewers believe that the price rise is to be blamed on increasing costs in its production.

This means that all beer brands including small breweries will be hit by the rise unless they can cut their costs too.


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