Primark Are Selling a £7 Version of This Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Bag!

Calling all Disney fans! Primark have just released a £7 version of the fashionable Kate Spade Minnie Mouse bag…and it’s £288 cheaper than the designer version.

Primark are catering to all Disney lovers’ need now, and this Minnie Mouse bag is no exception.

The Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Neema bag retails for an astonishing £295 – but the high street retailer’s version is only £7.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.51.57
L: Primark, R: Kate Spade

This designer dupe is super similar to the original Kate Spade bag, with the only major difference being the £7 version isn’t made of real leather. With the same black crosshatch finish and iconic red and white Minnie bow, any Disney fan would love to find this under their Christmas tree.

The cheaper version even features the iconic mouse’s autograph!

As with all Primark items, if this bag is on your wish list then make sure you act fast. Disney items sell out super fast in the high street store, so this bag likely won’t be around for long.

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