Primary school children are being asked to choose their gender.

Primary school children are being asked to choose their gender.

I’m all for moving with the times and creating a more accepting society, however, has this primary school taken things a step too far?

Brighton and Hove council sent a letter out to thousands of parents asking to support their children’s gender choice before starting school in September. Some of the children being as young as four. Was that really necessary?

The form asks the children to choose which gender they most ‘identify with’ and also allows them to leave blank if their child had ‘another gender identity’.

The letter reads: ‘We recognise that not all children and young people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or may identify as a gender other than male or female, however the current systems (set nationally) only record gender as male or female.

Please support your child to choose the gender they most identify with.

Or if they have another gender identity please leave this blank and discuss with your child’s school.’

Not surprisingly the letter was met with negative replies from parents.

One unnamed mother told The Sun: “They are not adults – let them enjoy the innocence and creativity of their childhood.”

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen said the letter was “utterly ridiculous”.

“Schools should be teaching kids to read and write, not prompting them to consider gender swaps,” he told the newspaper.

I must admit I do think the letter seems to be slightly far fetched for four-year-olds. But what do you think? Was this a good move from the council? Or a totally confusing move for four-year-old children?

Let me know and join my poll!

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