Primary school warn parents over ‘paedophile ring’

Primary school warn parents over ‘paedophile ring’

The text warnings have so far been sent to 3 schools.

What kind of world are our children having to grown up in? It breaks my heart to think there are youngsters out there suffering at the hands of these monsters!

Now three primary Schools have issued warnings to parents about a ‘paedophile ring’ that are targeting young children on the social networking site Instagram.

Someone on Instagram has sent an indecent image to a child, I have heard of stories in the past where it has happened on WhatsApp and Facebook too though so PLEASE monitor your childs phone and what they get up to.

My 13 year old step son wanted a mobile phone because all his friends had one. We eventually gave in and got him one but we have set the settings our way, we check it every day, he isn’t allowed to use it in private – he must be open and honest about it at all times. Yes I’m probably a little too over protective but I’d rather be that then kick myself later on if something happened.

West Park Primary, Lynnfield Primary and Fens Primary school in Hartlepool, Teesside, have told parents an apparent paedophile ring using two accounts has been sending children Facebook requests.

Mandy Hall who is head teacher of West Park Primary school said: ”A parent brought to our attention wholly unacceptable Instagram messages which would appear to be targeting young children. The safety of our children is a top priority for the school so we took the decision to make all parents aware via a text message. The school has immediately notified the police.

The text simply read: ””We have been informed a paedophile ring have been sending friend requests to children in the area via Instagram.”

Cleveland police said: ”Cleveland Police can confirm that a report was received regarding indecent messages being sent to a child through a social media site on Wednesday, June 29. Inquiries are ongoing in relation to this incident. With regards to online safety on social media, police would always advise parents to check the security settings on any devices and social media applications that their child is signed up to. More information regarding online safety can be found on the Cleveland Police website.”

Do you think there is more we can do to keep our children safe?

One Facebook page I follow is Dark Justice. Now, not everyone agrees with what they do but I think they are doing a good job in outing paedophiles.You can support and check out what they do here. 

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