Primary Schools To Get Just Four Weeks Summer Holiday!

Primary Schools To Get Just Four Weeks Summer Holiday!

Do you think that six weeks is too long a time for the schools to be broken up over summer?

Well two primary schools in Lincolnshire have decided to reduce the length of their summer holidays from 6 weeks to just four due to popular request from parents.

Apparently the change will allow parents to take children on holiday during off- peak times as extra weeks will be added to terms in September along with two weeks in May. This will enable families to save money by avoiding taking their kids out of school for holidays.

Sharon Close, executive principal at Tall Oaks Academy Trust, which runs the schools, told the BBC: “It’s a big break and parents are telling us that, after four weeks, they would like their children to come into school, so we are responding to that. There are schools exploring other models, some have asked us for our model and are doing something similar.”

Students at Eveswell Primary School in south Wales are going to receive an extra week off, also with the aim of saving families money on the cost of holidays!

As it stands, parents can face hefty fines or even prison sentences for taking their children out of school for their holidays .

CLICK HERE to find out how parents are being fined by schools.

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