100 PVC Gloves

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Looking for some great quality disposable gloves to protect your hands when working or getting creative? These PVC Gloves are ideal! 

Perfect for everything from dying hair and arts and crafts to cleaning, tattooing, food prep, medical work, painting and more! Unlike some plastic gloves on the market, these  latex ones are easy to put on due to their powdery finish and great elasticity. Their finger pitting design gives superior grip and comfortable wear too. Made from high quality anti-acid, anti-oil, strong material means that these gloves are not easily damageable or split meaning you can get on with your tasks without worry!

  • Great for at home or professional environments. 
  • Available in Small, Medium, or Large sizes. 
  • Quantity: 100 per pack.
  • Transparent. 

Estimated delivery: 7 - 10  working days