1080P HD Mini LED Projector, Screen, and SD Card - 3 Colours!

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Love your movie nights in? Why not transform your sitting room into a proper at home cinema with this clever Mini LED Projector, Screen & SD Card?

This projector is a must-have for any film fanatic! With the ability to link up with all of your devices from mobile phones and games consoles, to laptops and tablets, you can binge all of your favourite films and series in widescreen. What’s even better is that its compact size means that it can be transported to the homes of your friends and family with great ease. Whether you fancy a gaming night, want to show those snaps from your holidays, or want to Zoom your loved ones in a way that you can clearly see their lovely faces, this LED projector really is ideal for the whole family. 

  • Projection Size: 20-60 inches
  • Available in black, white, or black and silver. 
  • Upgrade option to a 60 inch screen and SD card.
  • Easy to transport. 
  • Multiple use. 
  • Features LCD display and over 20,000 hour life. 

Estimated delivery: 10-14 working days