11-Piece Resistance Band Set

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Fancy focusing on your fitness while you’re spending more time indoors this winter? This 11 Piece Resistance Band Set is a game changer! 

Ideal for everyone from novices to fitness enthusiasts, this set is sure to add an element of challenge to any workout, helping to tone and strengthen your body from head-to-toe! It’s great for gym or at home use and can be safely attached to doors with its strong, plated safety hooks. The bands come in a range of strengths from ultralight to overweight, so you can gradually step up your game and your gains as your fitness level increases!

  • 100% latex 
  • 5 x different weights
  • Set includes: 5 x Resistance Bands, 2 x Foam Handles, 2 x Ankle Straps, 1 x Door Attachment, 1 x Carrying Pouch

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