2-in-1 Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat with Tool Bag

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Are you a keen gardener but can’t enjoy your hobby as much as you'd like because of the tension of kneeling on the ground? 

This Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat will take the strain out of gardening with its supportive frame and roomy pouch to keep all of your essential tools at close hand. Kneel down on the stool to weed, tidy, and plant, then flip it over and use it as a seat to take a breather or comfortably tend to foliage at a higher level without breaking your back. It’s a versatile, essential tool for any avid gardener. 

  • Made from strong steel and wipe clean fabric. 
  • Also ideal for indoor DIY, cleaning, painting and so much more. 
  • Organise garden tools with the handy pouch. 

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