50m Rotary Clothes Airer

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Tired of seeing your garden cut in half by an ugly washing line every time you want to dry your clothing or just want to fit  more washing onto the line at once? This 4 Arm Rotary Washing Line is a game changer. 

Dry all of your clothes in one go with this space-saving, 50m washing line that holds up to 4 loads so you can get all of your family's washing done at once! Thanks to powder coated aluminium, there’s no need to worry about rust damage from the changing weather- this line is sure to come in handy for years to come! Its heavy duty pole means that it won’t bend with the weight of heavier loads and the included ground socket will ensure it’s secured into the ground securely. This line is sure to have your garden looking neater on laundry day and will take a load off you too! 

  • 50m line length. 
  • Suitable for medium to large drying requirements. 
  • Holds up to 4 wash loads. 
  • Features powder coated aluminium construction and a PVC coated line for weather protection. 
  • A ground socket is included for simple and secure installation but can also be cemented into the ground if needed. 
  • Heavy duty pole. 
  • Easily assembled and stored. 

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