Adjustable Back Pain Pillow

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Suffer from chronic back pain or working at home more and just CAN’T. GET. COMFORTABLE? This Adjustable Back Pain Pillow will be a real relief! 

Made from high quality pearl wool, this adjustable back pillow will help to correct your posture to its natural S shaped curve, making for a more comfortable sitting position as you work or relax at home. Its wedge shape works to protect spinal discs from stressful compression and makes space to alleviate uncomfortable back pain. This pillow is ideal for use on everything from desk chairs and sofas to beds too, meaning you don’t have to compromise on support at any time of the day. See you never, back pain! 

  • Made from imitation linen and high quality pearl cotton wool. 
  • Ideal for alleviating back pain in working or resting environments. 
  • Available in a wide range of colours that you can choose to match your decor perfectly; Green, Sky Blue, Beige, Pink, Apricot, Grey, Deep Blue, Ocean, Purple, Coffee, Yellow, Silver Grey and Wine. 

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