Fabric Resistance Bands

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Take your home workout to the next level with these Fabric Resistance Bands. 

Strengthen and support your body with these must-have fitness aids! These nifty Fabric Resistance Bands will help you to tone up by increasing the difficulty of exercises including hip thrusts, squats, lunges, crab walks, deadlifts, leg presses and more! Focusing on the glutes, thighs, and hip muscles, so you can see and feel the results of your hard work on your legs and abdomen more quickly. An elastic lining means they won’t slip and distract you mid workout too. Here’s to feeling and looking stronger! 

  • Increase the difficulty of exercises including; Hip Thrusts, Squats, Lunges, Curtsy Lunges, Crab Walks, Lying clams, Deadlifts, Forward and Backward Walks, and Leg presses. 
  • Focus on the glutes, thighs, and hip muscles to tone legs and core. 
  • Made from 100% breathable fabric with an elastic lining. 
  • Ideal for fitness fanatics or anyone trying to tone up. 

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