HD Front and Rear Video Dash Cam - Optional 32GB SD!

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Worry about staying safe on the roads? This HD Front and Rear Video Dash Cam is certain to reassure you as you embark on your daily travels.

Three cameras face the front, rear, and inside of the car, ensuring that every angle is covered in the event of an incident, and high-definition video allows you to review evidence clearly day or night! What’s even better is this camera doesn’t just protect you but assists you as well. There’s no need to worry about bumping your car while parking or reversing thanks to its high sensitivity monitor! Its sleek black design will look stylish in any car too. 

  • Low illumination HD video. 
  • Picture in picture record and display simultaneously. 
  • High sensitivity parking monitor.
  • Loop recording. 
  • Drive start. 

Estimated delivery: 10- 14 working days.