iPhone HDMI TV Adaptor Cable - 3 Colours!

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Are you one of those people who has their life on their phone from treasured pics to your fave streaming services? This HDMI Cable Adapter for iPhone will amplify your media so you can share it more easily with your friends and family. 

Say goodbye to straining your eyes while looking at holiday snaps and the whole family huddling round your tiny phone screen to watch Peppa Pig on a morning. Thanks to this HDMI Cable Adapter you can easily connect your iPhone to your TV so everyone can enjoy your phone media in widescreen! It’s the perfect travel accessory for when you go to stay with family and friends! 

  • No need for hotspot settings or WIFI. 
  • Compatible with all Apple iPhones from the iPhone 5 to the X. 
  • Ideal for playing games or watching movies without having to squint! 

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