Magnetic Lashes & Clipper Set!

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Hate fumbling around with sticky, messy glue every time you want to wear luscious lashes? These Magnetic Eyelashes are changing the game! 

Achieve princess lashes without the hassle with this clever magnetic eyelashes and clipper set. Super easy to use, the strong magnetic force allows magnetic eyelashes to be grabbed without manual clipping, making application a real piece of cake! No pesky glue required. Get your glam on with ease. Simply attach, clip, and release and you’re ready to take on the World one fluttery lash at a time! 

  • Clip made from stainless steel alloy featuring a strong magnetic force.
  • Includes 4 pcs Magnetic Eyelashes and 1 eyelash clip. 
  • Eyelash styles to choose from: 4 pcs natural false lashes/ 4 pcs thick falsies/ 2 pcs natural and 2 pcs thick falsies. 
  • No glue needed. 
  • Quick and easy to use.

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