Outdoor LED Solar String Lights

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Looking to jazz up your garden? Add an instant, eye-catching glow with these gorgeous Outdoor LED String Lights. 

Whether it’s decoration for your next big social situation, or some subtle ambience you’d like to add to your outdoor space, these LED String Lights are ideal for any occasion. Their understated, sleek design will add a pretty glow to any garden space.

Choose between icy white great for adding an element of style or opt for the yellow colourway to add a warm, cosy glow ideal for late night social situations. What’s even better is that they automatically charge by the light of the sun and turn on and off at dusk and dawn too. These versatile lights are a must-have for lighting up any situation.

  • Size: 5M (50 LEDs), 10M (100 LEDs), 20M (200 LEDs), 30M (300 LEDs).
  • Choose between White and Yellow colourways. 
  • Hang on fences, wrap around trees, decorate sheds and more. 
  • Automatically rechargeable via solar panels. 
  • Turns on and off at dusk and dawn. 

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