Outdoor Solar Motion Wall Light

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Looking for a safety light to light up the night as you walk outside your home? This Solar Motion Wall Light will make an ideal purchase! 

Screw this nifty little light to your fence or wall and stay safe in the dark as you leave and approach your home, no more trips or falls! Thanks to an upgraded Monocrystalline solar panel, there’s no need to worry about charging your light after use, with 8 hours of sunshine it’ll be charged and ready for 6-8 hours of illumination! It’ll even turn on and off itself! It’s super simple to assemble, simply screw it on to your fence and you’re ready to go! 

  • Auto night and day on/off feature. 
  • Features 3 LED ultra bright chips that last 30,000 hours. 
  • Full charge after 8 hours in the sunlight. 
  • Illuminates for 6-8 hours on full charge. 
  • No wiring required. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Weatherproof and heatproof. 
  • Great for illuminating decks, stairs, pathways, lawns, garages and gardens.

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