Rechargeable Sweeping Smart Robot Vacuum - 3 Colours!

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Absolutely sick to death of sweeping up the constant muck that the new season has brought with it? This Sweeping Robot Vacuum will become your new best friend! 

With its 360 degree seamless cleaning, strong suction, and water stain removal, this clever little robot will ensure that your floors are looking spick and span 24/7! Don’t worry about it bumping into your walls, its detection sensor allows it to pause and change direction! With all the time you're saving not cleaning, why not put your feet up and have a cuppa while the Sweeping Robot Vacuum does all the hard work for you? 

  • Cleaning efficiency is over 90%. 
  • Built in powerful battery.
  • Super long 150 minute working timer. 
  • Noiseless. 

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