Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Black or White

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Find hoovering just the most boringly laborious task in the world? This Robot Vacuum Cleaner is here to take the slog out of cleaning!

This clever little guy is certain to become your new best friend, whizzing around the room picking up daily dirt and mess with its strong suction and longer bilateral brush. Its slim and sleek body is ideal for getting into those hard-to-reach places and travelling under narrow furniture and sofas. Don’t worry about it bumping into furniture and causing damage, its clever sensor automatically avoids obstacles. It includes a conveniently large dust box too meaning you don’t have to constantly keep getting up to empty it. Click the kettle on, put your feet up and watch this Robot Cleaner do all the hard work! 

  • Available in Black and White colourways. 
  • Features USB charging. 
  • Usage time 120 minutes. 
  • Weight : 580g 
  • Working noise: 55db - it’s quiet! 
  • Charging time: 3hrs. 
  • Sweeps, mops and vacuums your flooring. 
  • Saves time and effort. 
  • Fits in hard to reach places. 
  • Intelligent obstacle crossing and smooth climbing. 
  • Large capacity dust box. 
  • Corner cleaning. 

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