Scatter Back Modular Corner U-Shaped Sofa - Silver, Black, or Charcoal

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Blessed with a large living room but in need of a statement piece to command the room, or have a smaller space and can only afford for one seating area? This Scatter Back Modular U-Shaped Sofa would be ideal! 

This versatile sofa comes with five modular pieces that can be easily arranged into a corner situation leaving you with a flush look and a liveable space. The wide and deep seats make for supreme comfort ideal for lounging. Its premium upholstery available in a neutral grey tone will fit in perfectly with any home decor no matter how modern or eclectic. It really is the perfect sofa for any situation.  

  • Quality made in the UK.
  • UK Fire Regulated. 
  • Premium fibre fillings in included scatter cushions for extra comfort. 
  • Foam seats. 

Estimated delivery: 7-28 days.