Water-Resistant Binoculars with Night Vision

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Fancy yourself as something of a budding David Attenborough? These Low Light Night Vision Binoculars are a must-have! 

If there’s nothing you love more than hanging out in nature, observing the scenery and the animals, or have a dad who’s big into bird watching, these top quality binoculars are ideal. Thanks to their dust and water resistance, you can enjoy using them in all kinds of weather day or night thanks to their low light features which means you can catch the animals that only come out in the dark too. Ideal for camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, and even concerts and theatre shows too! 

  • Perfect for adults and kids alike. 
  • Ideal for everything from traveling to sporting events. 
  • Dust and water resistant. 
  • Comes with a convenient carry pouch. 
  • Low light night vision feature - great for night vision with some light but not for pitch black nights. 

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