Waterproof Shower Speaker

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Love to bop to your fave tunes in the shower but only have your mobile to rely on? We’ve got you covered with this Waterproof Shower Speaker!

No more reaching out of the shower to change the tune or risking water damage to your phone! With this nifty Shower Speaker you can groove to your heart's content under the running water as you wash (or re-enact those dramatic 80’s ballad music videos- we’re not judging)!

Its compact size and light weight means you can easily take it with you when on the move, if you’re on a trip away, or simply can’t switch off that playlist when you’re getting out of the shower!

  • Frequency response: 100HZ-20KHZ
  • Operating time: Approximately 6 hours. 
  • Charging time: Approximately 3 hours
  • Transmission frequency: 2.4G HZ
  • Range: 10 Metres 

Estimated delivery: 10 - 14 working days