Wide Mouth Hard Floor Sweeper - 5 Colours

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Struggling to keep your wooden flooring immaculate? Often a normal hand brush just doesn’t cut it, but this practical Wide Mouth Hard Floor Sweeper makes easy work of all things dirt and dust! 

Get your lackluster wood back to its former glory with this agile sweeper featuring multi brush functions! It’ll allow you to pick up even the smallest flecks of muck, tackle hard to reach corners, and get into even the smallest cracks and crevices at the edges of your skirting boards too. It’s ideal for collecting those pesky pet hairs and there's no need for a dustpan either as it stores it all in a helpful cabin ready for disposal. It sure is an essential for achieving spotlessly clean flooring. 

  • Available in 5 different colours. 
  • Great for homes with pets. 
  • Simultaneously sweeps and cleans with rotating brush and roller. 
  • Stores rubbish in the cabin for easy disposal. 

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